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Fill in the Blank Adjective Worksheet
Sitting in the Sun

Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with adjectives chosen from the following list. Some words will be used more than once. There is more than one right answer.


A young girl opened a birthday present. It was a beautiful sweater. She was ______________.

Every time she looked at the sweater, she felt so ______________.

She put the sweater on and sat on her front porch steps in the sun. She felt ______________.

Her dog sat next to her. She patted the dog. The dog wagged its tail. The dog was ______________.

A boy walked by on the street. He was whistling. He seemed ______________ and ______________, too.

A mother came out of the store down the street with her young child.

The child was screaming and crying. The child was ______________.

The mother was scowling. She looked and ______________ and ______________.

The mother and crying child walked by the young girl. The mother looked ______________. The child looked ______________.

They passed the ______________ whistling boy. The child was quiet. Then the child started to giggle. The child looked ______________.

The mother looked at the whistling boy. She looked ______________. The mother and child walked around the corner out of sight.

The boy turned around and walked to the girl on the steps. They smiled at each other and said Hi. She looked ______________.

The boy sat down next to the girl on the steps. He began to whistle again. He felt so ______________.

The boy and the girl both patted the dog. The dog wagged his whole body. The dog yipped because he was so ______________.

The three of them sat in the sun. They were so ______________.

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