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Fill in the Blank Adjective Worksheet Answers
Big and Little

The blanks in the sentences below have been filled in with the correct adjectives. There is more than one right answer for many of the sentences.

I drank more coffee today, so I have more energy. I don't feel so tired.

Most young children are too short to reach a high shelf.

A new baby has tiny fingers and toes and a wee little nose.

An elephant has huge ears. An elephant also has enormous toenails.

A giraffe is very tall. It has a long neck.

There was very little rain this month. The river water is very low.

A woman spent a lot of money to buy many things. She put them in a huge bag.

My bag is too small for my large coat to fit. I will wear my coat.

The meeting did not go well. Only a few people came.

I ate some food for dinner. I want to eat more. I am still hungry.

Few people vote early. Most people vote on election day.

Milk makes the woman sick. Her doctor told her to drink less milk.

A child wants to be called a big girl or big boy. It makes kids feel important.

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