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Fill in the Blank Adjective Worksheet
How Much? How Many?

Countable plural nouns use: few, fewer, fewest, many, more, most

He has few jackets.
He has fewer jackets than his brother.
He has the fewest jackets of all his friends.

She has many clothes.
She has more clothes than her sister.
She has the most clothes of all her friends.


Uncountable plural nouns use: little, less, least, much, more, most

She has little money.
She has less money than her sister.
She has the least money of all her friends.

He has much time.
He has more time than his brother.
He has the most time of all his friends.


Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with words chosen from the following list. Some words will be used more than once.


There were __________ people at the store tonight. It was snowing a lot, so people were stocking up.

The check out line was very long. __________ customers were buying food.

I saw my friend working at the store. She works so hard, she has __________ time left at home.

She is trying to make the __________ money she can to pay her rent and help her family.

__________ of her family still lives in her home country. She only has five family members here.

She has the __________ family members here of all my friends.

Every month she sends __________ money to her family in her home country.

We go out to coffee some days, but she does not have __________ time.

I see her every __________ days, when we both have time off.

My new job across town starts next week. So now I will see her __________.

We will have __________ times to talk to each other, but this is the __________ of our worries.

We both have teenage daughters who want to spend __________ and __________ money on clothes.

Fortunately, our kids have __________ trouble learning a new language.

Because their language is good, they will have __________ chances to find good jobs.

When our girls can pay for their own clothes, my friend and I will save __________ money.

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