Vocabulary Matching Quiz Two Answers - Food Pairs

by Sally Jennings

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  1. burger and fries --- The drive-in restaurants of the past specialized in burgers and fries. Now many drive-in restaurants have disappeared, and the burger has been upgraded to a "gourmet" burger and fries.

  2. bacon and eggs --- A popular "pancake house" restaurant breakfast is pancakes, bacon and eggs.

  3. tea and toast --- A light snack would be tea and toast.

  4. fish and chips --- Atlantic Canada is known for its fish and chips. Is cod better than haddock? You decide.

  5. pork and beans --- When the Girl Guides go camping, they may take cans of pork and beans to cook over the campfire.

  6. liver and onions --- In the 1950s, popular diner meals were meatloaf, roast beef, or liver and onions.

  7. macaroni and cheese --- Anyone can prepare that macaroni and cheese that comes in a box. Right?

  8. cream and sugar --- The waitress may ask "Would you like cream and sugar in your coffee?" If you don't want cream, you say, "No, I like it black." Then she will bring you only sugar for your coffee.

  9. salt and pepper --- When you pack the picnic food, don't forget to take the salt and pepper. Salt and pepper is also a color term, meaning mixed gray and white, as in "she has salt and pepper hair."

  10. bread and jam --- Small children often like a snack of bread and jam before nap time.

  11. cake and ice cream --- Birthday party food usually includes cake and ice cream.

  12. turkey and dressing --- The Thanksgiving holiday in the autumn is a good time to eat turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, candied yams, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie or mincemeat pie with ice cream. Canadians add Brussels sprouts.

  13. potatoes and gravy --- Didn't I just tell you about Thanksgiving with potatoes and gravy?

  14. pancakes and syrup --- In the spring when the sugar maple sap runs, is a good time to eat pancakes and maple syrup.

  15. milk and cookies --- Children just coming home from school enjoy a snack of milk and cookies before doing their homework.

  16. bread and water --- When someone doesn't have much food, we say they are down to bread and water.

  17. cheese and crackers --- Airlines sometimes serve peanuts and soda, or perhaps cheese and crackers for a mid-flight snack.

  18. spaghetti and meatballs --- The canned version of this favorite became popular with children years ago. Adults still prefer the old fashioned homemade variety, spaghetti and meatballs, topped with Parmesan cheese.

  19. peas and carrots --- Mothers of the early 1960s bought frozen vegetables to serve their families. Mixed vegetables, or peas and carrots were frequently part of the dinner menu.

  20. rice and beans --- One of my favorite Mexican meals is chicken burritos, beef tamales, and rice and beans.

  21. bread and butter --- The basis for an old-fashioned sandwich is bread and butter.

  22. peanut butter and jelly --- That toddler is hungry again, and this time she wants a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  23. chips and dip --- A good picnic spread in not just fried chicken and chocolate cake, but also chips and dip, for snacking.

  24. meat and cheese --- A tourist may discover that a staple of many European breakfasts is meat and cheese.

  25. veggies and dip --- It's party time, and the veggies and dip are ready on the platters on the sideboard.

  26. pasta and sauce --- North American Italian fare is not only spaghetti and meatballs, but also includes other pasta and sauce combinations, such as fettuccine with Alfredo sauce, or rigatoni, or cannelloni smothered in a mushroom marinara sauce.

  27. lettuce and tomatoes --- Usually, a deluxe hamburger comes with lettuce and tomato, while the regular burger just comes with pickle.

  28. ketchup and mustard --- Usually, both the deluxe hamburger and the regular hamburger come with ketchup and mustard.

  29. peaches and cream --- During peach season, it is wonderful to eat a bowl of sliced peaches and fresh cream.

  30. wiener and bun --- The little girl said she wanted both the wiener and the bun of the hotdog, but she ate the bun and left the wiener.

  31. franks and beans --- When you add frankfurters to baked beans, you get franks and beans, a common picnic lunch.

  32. sour cream and salsa --- The Mexican burritos and rice and beans just might have a side of sour cream and salsa, or perhaps guacamole.

  33. salad and dressing --- Salad buffets in restaurants usually have several choices: tossed salad and dressing, pasta or rice salad, potato salad, pickles, veggies, and perhaps Jell-O salad.

  34. berries and cream --- A perfect breakfast during berry season is berries and cream, with a cup of good, strong coffee.

  35. hash browns and toast --- The larger breakfasts on the restaurant menu often come with hash browns and toast with jam. If the customer does not want hash browned potatoes, a substitution of home fries might be available.

  36. soup and salad --- The deli menu may offer submarine sandwiches, as well as soup and salad combinations.

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