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Vocabulary Matching Quiz One

by Sally Jennings

Match each numbered expression with a synonymous expression (an expression with the same meaning) from the following list. Use each answer once.

to play carelessly
to decide on, or to negotiate
to become quiet, to relax
to learn
to outline point by point
to be reserved
to sass, to answer rudely
to view, to examine
to concoct
to become quiet
to determine a method
to belong
to ignore
to gather
to confuse
to defend
to remember
to make palatable
to complete
to fix an end-date, or to declare a closing date

to make up______________________________________
to round out ______________________________________
to be spoken for______________________________________
to look over______________________________________
to stand up for______________________________________
to sugar-coat______________________________________
to find out______________________________________
to talk back______________________________________
to keep in mind______________________________________
to spell out______________________________________
to mix up______________________________________
to round up______________________________________
to fit in with______________________________________
to leave alone______________________________________
to settle down______________________________________
to find a way______________________________________
to work it out______________________________________
to calm down______________________________________
to set a deadline______________________________________
to fool around______________________________________

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