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These boards list tutors in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and some have listings from other locations across Canada and the U.S.. Subjects are not limited to ESL, they include all academic subjects, and private music lessons, and so on. If you are feeling like you really need help studying, we encourage you to hire a tutor to gain the confidence you need in your studies. It could change your whole life.

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UBC Alumni/Student Tutor Board

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ESL Teachers Board - Find Private ESL Tutors

Vancouver Welcome Map
This map was created by Vancouverites especially to meet the needs of incoming refugees and recent immigrants. Locations of language resources are shown, as well as locations of resources in many other useful categories from shopping and food to settlement services.


Tips for Writing the LPI - my tips for writing the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) Exam Essay

Choosing an English tutor - my tips for choosing a tutor in British Columbia

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