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Tongue Twisters Pronunciation Practice

by Sally Jennings

Twisters with "t" and "th"

Those toes aren't these toes.

These teas aren't those teas.

This tike ties threads together twice.

That tike ties together three threads.

Those threads the two tikes tied are tight.

Twist twice to tie tightly.

Thirty tee-shirts are tan, and thirteen tee-shirts are tie-dyed teal green.

The teal tee-shirts total thirteen, the tan tee-shirts total thirty.

Twisters with "r" and "l"

The rickety ladder rattled right and left before it crashed through the glass.

Rotten lettuce really reeks.

Loose, leafy lettuce reminds me of really pretty, green trees.

Real lemon, real lime, which would you pick every time?

Ribbons rolled, ribbons loose, hair untied, what's your excuse?

Tip and tap, rip and rap, lip and lap. Tip, rip, lip, tap, rap, lap.

Twisters with "s" and "sh"

She's so sick, and she's so sore, I wish her well forevermore.

A shout from the south woke the sleeping sherriff.

Something sure is fishy in this city.

Silver slivers shimmer softly in the sunlight.

Twisters with "i" and "ee"

Bumblebees briefly buzzed beneath the bins of beans.

Feeling ill or feeling well, Phil will hardly ever tell.

Feeling full, Phyllis didn't eat a bit of the beets.

Treena tripped on the tree root, and really ripped her raincoat.

Tins of tiny sardines filled the field.

She sells slippers, sleepers, and tiny little creepers.

Twisters with Nonsense Words

Snickety snackety snuck, trickety trackety truck, clickety clackety cluck.

Feely filly fay, freely frilly fray, reapy rippy ray, leapy lippy lay.

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