Story Opening Two

by Sally Jennings

Finish writing the following story. If you want to make it all your writing, after you finish it, remove my story opening and write your own. Don't forget to add your own title.


Marty was a slender ten-year-old girl with jet black shoulder length hair. Marty and her pudgy three-year-old brother Jay were spending another lazy Saturday morning together in front of the television. It was too early to go shopping, and their mother was busy cleaning up in the laundry room downstairs. Their dad was out for his morning run. Marty watched her brother carefully as he ate a piece of toast spread with peanut butter. He usually took bites that were far too big, and ate too quickly, in fast gulps. He didn't pay attention when they warned him to slow down and chew. Last year had nearly choked to death on a some noodles he had eaten too fast.

Last November, when he choked, it had all happened so suddenly, and so fast. They were in a restaurant, the Pepper Noodle House, sitting at a corner table, with their babysitter Brian. Marty remembered she wore her favorite pink sweater, and Jay wore a tan fleece hoodie. Brian had been laughing and playing tic-tac-toe on a napkin with Marty, when Jay took a big mouthful of noodles and started to wheeze and cough. A few seconds later, he turned a funny color, and fell off his chair onto the floor. Brian tried to push on his chest to get the noodles unstuck, but didn't know quite how to do it. Everybody was staring, and quickly pulled back their chairs to make space around Jay. Marty remembered seeing the bright red high heels the lady at the table next to them had been wearing, and Jay's blond head on the floor next to them. Brian was waving his arms and screaming, "Call for help, somebody, fast! Please somebody, help!" A tall man rushed from behind the counter and grabbed Jay around the stomach from behind and pushed in on his ribs. Jay made a sort of burp, and threw up the noodles all over his hoodie. He seemed kind of dizzy, and starting crying loudly. Everybody in the restaurant clapped when Jay sat up.

Then the firemen showed up, with their first aid kit, and helped Jay breath better. Right after that, the ambulance attendants came, and stayed for a few minutes to make sure Jay was okay. Marty had watched it all, sitting there frozen and afraid, out of the way. She almost got up screaming when she realized their babysitter didn't know exactly what to do, but then the man came out from behind the counter to help. After it was all over and her mom came to get them, all Marty could do was cry and hug Jay and her mom. She almost lost her little brother that day. She decided she would have to watch Jay more carefully from now on when he was eating, especially when her parents were busy. Her mom had taken her to the firehall to thank the paramedics, and the fire chief had showed Marty and her mom how to help someone who was choking. Marty felt better now she knew what to do to help.

The next television program started, and Marty turned to watch. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jay take a huge sticky bite of peanut butter toast. She really wanted to see the beginning of the program, since it was Hannah Montana, so she kept her eyes on the screen. Hannah had an awesome pink skirt on today. Marty moved closer to the televison and concentrated harder, then an awful sound broke through into her thoughts. She turned and her eyes widened in alarm.


Questions you may want to think about before you write a middle and an ending for this story

  1. Where are Marty and Jay's parents?
  2. What is probably going to happen to Jay?
  3. What is Marty probably going to do?
  4. What emotions is Marty feeling?
  5. What is Jay feeling?
  6. Are more people going to show up in this story? Who?
  7. Is there anything anyone could have done to prevent what is about to happen?
  8. What did the fire chief show Marty? How do you help someone who is choking? What happens if no one helps?

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