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Fill in the Blank Worksheet
It's Sale Time

Vocabulary for Shopping

Choose one of the following words or word sets for each blank in the sentences which follow the list. Each word or word set will be used once.

advertised price
ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
bank card
cash back
charge card
credit card
credit card
customer service
debit card
deep discount
floor model
half off
marked down
sales person
shopping cart

  1. Robert walked away from the __________________ too soon, and the __________________ at the cash register called after him, "Just a minute sir, you forgot your ____________________.

  2. Sheila like using her __________________ to make purchases, since she did not have to pay until the statement came in the mail. Having a ___________________ was more convenient than paying ________________.

  3. Jane always shopped at the same department store for her clothes because they had a customer loyalty card, which gave her _______________ on her purchases. Other stores had cards which gave _________________, but Jane liked the rewards plan at her favorite store.

  4. When they bought their computer, the Wilsons mailed in the _________________ ______________ and received $40.00.

  5. When Julie shops for groceries, she almost always used the _________________ she clips from magazines to get money off.

  6. During the holiday season, there were many _________________. Jim found a very nice knapsack _________________________ from $49.95 to $29.99, a lower price than the __________________________ at a competing store. It was always nice to find a reduced price.

  7. A toddler was crying in the _________________ ______________________ behind Sarah, but she didn't mind. She had two pairs of pants in her _____________________. They were a great bargain at this __________________________ price. She planned to give the second pair to her sister. After all, they were basically free.

  8. Billy was shopping for refrigerators. He asked the ______________________ in the appliance department for more money off the sale price of a large ______________________. The salesman told him that he could not give him any more money off, because the fridge was already priced at _______________________ and this was a ________________________.

  9. The new ____________________ check-out counter had no clerk. The customers were expected to ______________ the items themselves, and then pay for them with a charge card, a debit card, or cash.

  10. The ________________________ had not been working for three hours, but there was no sign posted to warn customers it was broken. Person after person walked up to it, inserted a ___________________ and did not get any ______________________ in return.

  11. Mary always looked over the ___________________ that came folded in the morning newspaper very carefully, since she liked to get a ___________________ when she shopped.

  12. In Canada, a _____________________ is a charge card, and a _____________________ is a bank card. In the U.S., some bank cards may be used as either credit cards or debit cards. So in the U.S., a _______________________ may ask "Will that be debit or credit?" when you present your bank card to pay for your purchases.

  13. After Christmas, there are usually long line-ups at the ___________________________ counter. Barbara wanted a refund for the purchase price of the sweater her brother had given her, which was too small. She knew she could get cash, because he had given her the _________________. She was glad he had not bought the sweater a smaller store, since smaller stores usually gave credit for returns, not cash, and she did not want to exchange the sweater.

  14. The store flyer _______________________ the wrong price for the saucepan. It was actually higher priced in the store. However, when customers mentioned the advertisement, the store had to sell the saucepan for the advertised price until a correction with the higher price was posted online or printed in the newspaper.

  15. When the clerk opened the ________________ after the sale, Randy asked for change for a five dollar bill for the bus. He did not have enough __________________ to pay the fare, since it was $2.75 to ride all the way home through two fare zones, and the bus fare box only took exact change.

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