Help! I Am Out of Words!

Adjective Group Word List (weak/strong and others)

by Sally Jennings

Each group contains words which are close in meaning. If you do not know how the words differ from each other, look them up in a dictionary with usage examples (click here for my links page for links to some online dictionaries and thesauri). To improve your writing, you might try making a sentence with each word.

weak, feeble, fragile, flimsy, faint, wilted, sickly, exhausted, wasted, tender, delicate, frail

strong, vigorous, powerful, mighty, muscular, hardy, virile, robust, healthy, sturdy, well-built

beautiful, gorgeous, exquisite, stunning, fabulous, elegant, handsome, good-looking, fine, pretty, comely, well-proportioned, attractive, dazzling, magnificent

ugly, homely, grotesque, monstrous, horrid, frightful, coarse

straight, aligned, direct, even, unswerving, to-the-point

bent, contorted, twisted, winding, curling, convoluted, serpentine, circuitous, tortured, meandering, wandering, kinky, kinked, distorted

perfect, flawless, well-designed, shapely, well-proportioned, balanced

imperfect, flawed, poorly-designed, malformed, deformed, misshapen, unbalanced

whole, complete, integral, entire, total, full, undivided, united

partial, broken, fragmentary, divided, incomplete, unfinished, defective, insufficient, deficient, wanting

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