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Payday Vocabulary Worksheet

Printable Worksheet

Define each word or expression below as it is used in the story "Payday." Identify whether each one is a Noun, Adjective, Verb, or Adverb. For verbs, give the infinitive form (to + bare stem). If you can, give a single word synonym (a word that means the same as the word on the list). The paragraph number where the the word appears in the story is shown.

(1) burgeoning
(1) extracurricular
(2) disparate
(2) refinement
(3) apprehensive
(4) chauvinist
(5) confrontation(s)
(5) blantantly
(5) sexist
(5) moonlight
(5) balked
(5) overtly
(7) endearing
(7) expose
(7) sanity
(7) copious
(7) sequel
(7) foil
(8) skimming
(8) giddy
(8) pen name
(9) corporate
(9) strategies
(9) undercut
(10) floored
(10) whether
(11) deceptive
(11) exempt from
(11) improvise
(11) egotistical
(11) flourish(es)
(11) anonymity

For this list of idiomatic expressions, define the expression with a similar expression, or a single word. The paragraph number where the expression appears in the story is shown.

(1) can hardly wait
(2) call it quits
(2) a dream job
(2) a real jewel
(2) a class act
(3) fill her in on
(3) get the hang of it
(3) was another story
(4) hung up on
(4) to their faces
(4) behind their backs
(5) had become extinct
(5) laid to rest
(5) dropped hints
(5) lost interest
(5) to pay off
(5) admitted defeat
(7) waited it out
(7) to give up (friends)
(7) taking a little time off
(7) to my credit
(8) pick up
(8) hooked on
(8) picking up pointers
(8) felt a flush of giddy success
(9) groused about
(9) a sudden urge to gag
(9) flung out
(9) totally focussed about it
(9) redirect negative feeling into a protest
(9) get on the waiting list
(10) my heart was in my mouth
(10) volunteered the information
(10) do book signings
(10) how impressive
(10) you will think of something
(10) I'll bet you can't even imagine
(11) to fulfill Al's request
(11) caught between a rock and a hard place
(11) a nearly unique collector's item
(11) to appear in person
(11) refuse to sacrifice
(11) especially not
(12) in the flesh
(12) repeated trial and error
(13) a sideways promotion
(13) I really couldn't have done it without him
(13) I'll be around
(13) as long as

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