Minimal Pairs

by Sally Jennings

To build your pronunciation skills, listen and practice speaking while you read - mp3 audio clips, one clip for each set (block) of lines, read across line by line, then down column by column.

My site has many other audio mp3 resources, including a collection of 800 idioms in context, with 300 idioms and short articles on mp3. For the menu: Speak Read Write Educational Resources

mp3 audio one
mat pat bat cat rat fat that hat gnat
mad pad bad cad rad- fad --- had nad-
man pan ban can ran fan than han- Nan

mp3 audio two
tea pea bee key re- fee thee he knee
to pooh boo coo rue foo- --- who knew

mp3 audio three
dime time mime lime rhyme
dame tame maim lame rame
deem team meme leam ream
doom tomb --- loom room

mp3 audio four
tote boat moat dote goat coat note
tight bite might -dite -gite kite night
toot boot moot deut- Gute- coot neut-

mp3 audio five
fine wine whine shine dine tine pine bine nine
fun won --- shun done ton pun bun none

mp3 audio six
real feel veal teal deal keel seal meal
rill fill ville till dill kill sill mill
roll foal vole toll dole coal sole mole
-ral full -vil -tal dull cull -sle mull

mp3 audio seven
teen mean dean bean keen sheen seen lean
ten men den Ben Ken shen sen Len
tin min din been kin shin sin Lynn
tune moon dune boon coon --- soon loon

mp3 audio eight
tube lube rube cube
tub lub- rub cub

mp3 audio nine
wall ball tall doll fall gall mall ---
will bill till dill fill gill mill nil
-wel bull -tal dull full gull mull null

All entries are either whole words or syllables. A ---- entry means I don't know of a word or syllable in English. There may be some duplicates. This is not a complete list. List may be read across or down in groups. The vowels in each line are pronounced the same in every word in the line (with the minor exception that unstressed vowels in syllables like -wel may be reduced to schwa from "u" and cube is pronounced with a "y" between the c and the u).

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