Max the Dog

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For each blank, choose the correct word from the words following the blank, and write it in the blank.

Max was a small dog, and a very ____________ (quickly / slowest / fast) runner.

Max loved to run all ___________ (in / on / over) the neighborhood.

Max's owner, Buddy, was ___________ (over / in / at) his Grandma's apartment today.

Buddy was not allowed to bring Max ____________ (about / onto / to) Grandma's apartment.

Instead, Buddy had left Max locked ____________ (in / about / within) the back yard.

Max wanted to be ___________ (with / within / on) Buddy.

Max wanted to run and play ____________(into / under / in) the street.

Max wanted to escape __________ (away / from / out) the yard.

Max tried to jump ___________(under / over / above) the gate, but it was too high.

Max tried to dig ___________(around / under / behind) the fence, but it was too low.

Max pushed hard at the fence so it would fall ___________(down / beside / onto), but it was too sturdy.

Max was mad ___________ (enough / about / because) being locked ___________(out / up / down).

Max jumped as ___________ (fast / above / high) as he could, but he could not see __________ (through / under / over) the fence.

Max barked as ___________ (quietly / quickly / loudly) as he could, but no one came to let him ___________ (out / under / above).

Finally, Max gave ____________(into / up / over), because he was worn ____________ (down / in / out).

Max settled __________ (up / down / into) and took a nice, long nap.

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