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Mandy and Twinkle Toes

Once upon a time there was ______ small black cat. ________ cat's name was Twinkle Toes. She was named Twinkle Toes because she had two white toes on her hind foot, and in ______ dark all you could see _____ her was ______ two white toes.

Now, Twinkle Toes _____ cat belonged to ______ little girl named Mandy. Mandy had black hair, the same color as the fur on ______ cat. Mandy was five years old, the same age as ____ cat. Mandy even woke up in ____ morning at seven o'clock, _____ same time ______ cat woke up. But _____ resemblance ended there.

Mandy had brown eyes, ____ Twinkle Toes had green eyes. Mandy weighed 20 kilograms, _____ Twinkle Toes weighed only four kilograms. Mandy was 105 centimeters tall, ______ Twinkle Toes was only, well, I really don't know. It depends whether you count ___ tail. But you get ______ idea, in some ways Mandy and Twinkle Toes were alike, and in some ways they were not.

Now Mandy and Twinkle Toes are about to have ____ adventure, so get ready.

One morning they were in ____ back yard at home, playing in ____ sandbox. Twinkle Toes loved to bat toys around in ______ loose sand, ______ Mandy played making mud pies. ______ big, fat crow flew ______ the yard, and landed on _______ porch railing. ______ crow looked at Mandy, and then ____ Twinkle Toes. Then ______ dropped ______ piece of paper from its beak. After ______ minute or two, ______ crow flew away.

Mandy and Twinkle Toes went over to look at ______ piece of paper. Mandy did not touch it, because Mandy's mother had told her never to touch anything ______ bird dropped because it was dirty. But Twinkle Toes didn't know any better, so _____ pawed the paper until it turned over.

Now Mandy was ______ smart little girl. She had been in Montessori preschool for three years, ______ she could read. She read _____ note out loud to Twinkle Toes, since Twinkle Toes ______ not read. Mandy read: "Help me, 14239 Martin Street."

Mandy knew where Martin Street was; that was her street, right in _____front yard. The number 14239 was almost ____ same ______ Mandy's own address. Oh, I forgot to tell you. _______ preschool teachers taught Mandy to count, too. That is why she could read ______ numbers and learn her own address. Mandy knew she was not supposed to leave ______ yard without an adult, but her babysitter was busy inside ______ house, fixing lunch. What should she do?

She sat down to think. She thought and thought, for several minutes, which was _____ long time to sit still. Right then Mandy's Daddy came home, through ____ back gate. She grabbed his hand, and pulled him toward ______ porch to read ________ note.

After he read ______ note, he said to Mandy, "That is Mrs. Campeau's address, just three houses down. Come on, lets see what is ______ matter. Marion," he called out to ______ babysitter, "I'm home, I'm taking Mandy to a neighbor's house and we will be back in ______ few minutes."

Marion came out on _____ back porch and waved goodbye as Mandy and her Daddy closed ______ back gate. Twinkle Toes came too, although she went right over the back fences to get there.

When they came into Mrs. Campeau's back yard, they saw ______ was wrong right away. She had fallen on her back steps, and could not get up. Mandy's Daddy used his cell phone to call ______ ambulance. Mrs. Campeau was ______ a lot of pain, but she could talk a little bit in a whisper. Twinkle Toes knew her, because Mrs. Campeau fed her fish once in a while. So Twinkle Toes licked Mrs.Campeau's hands while they waited for ______ ambulance. Mrs. Campeau had been fixing fish again, and Twinkle Toes thought _______ fish left on her hands tasted good.

When _______ ambulance attendants were wheeling Mrs. Campeau out of ________ yard on _______ stretcher, Mandy's Daddy told them about _______ note. They were very impressed that Mandy could read ______ word "Help," and knew her own street address and _____ to count.

Mrs. Campeau told Mandy's Daddy to take ______ fish in ______ kitchen home, and Twinkle Toes was very pleased ________ that. In fact, Twinkle Toes ate so much fish that she fell asleep under ______ pear tree in _____ back yard later that afternoon while Mandy fell asleep in ____ hammock above her.

In case you are worried about Mrs. Campeau, she is just fine. ________ Doctors at ______ hospital operated on her and replaced her broken hip with ________ new hip, made of steel.

Now all _______ neighbors say that Mandy and Twinkle Toes are heroes. Mandy even went to visit Mrs. Campeau in ______ hospital. Twinkle Toes could not come because she hates riding _____ cars. Besides, ______ hospital won't _______ cats come inside.

Now, we will say goodbye to Mandy and Twinkle Toes _______ we visit them again.



Fill in each blank with one of the words below. The number in brackets ( ) shows how many of that word you need. You will not have any words left over, and every blank will have a word in it. You will have to capitalize some words when you write them in the blanks.

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