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Idioms, Slang, Phrasal Verbs, Colloquialisms, Cliches, and Proverbs, with Context Examples

by Sally Jennings

to chill out
      The weary mother told her screaming toddler to settle down and chill out.
to clean up a mess
      The cat got sick [threw up, vomited, up-chucked, barfed] on the rug and Dad had to clean up the mess.
to coast to victory
      They worked hard during the beginning of the campaign, and then at the end seemed to coast to victory without much effort.
to come away with something
      There were several consolation prizes, so even though they didn't win a first or second prize, they came away with something.
to come in contact with
      If you work at a hospital laundry, you will come in contact with a variety of communicable diseases.
to come to grief
      Better not try to cheat on that exam, or you will come to grief.
to come to mind
      She thought very hard about where the lost papers could be, but nothing came to mind.
to come to nothing /nought
      The family worried about the bullying, but the issue disappeared, and it came to nought.
to come to terms with
      She is still coming to terms with her mother's death.
to come under the influence of
      During his time at that university, he came under the influence of some right-wing thinkers.

to come undone
      After her boyfriend ended their relationship, she collapsed. She couldn't take it, she just came undone.
to conduct a study
      The research group is conducting a study of their new product.
to convey a message /the convey the message that
      The official wanted to convey the message that the family had not been forgotten in their sorrow.
to cramp someone's style
      She's an actress, and he is so straight-laced, he just cramps her style.
to create a disturbance
      The gang members gathered often at the club, broke bottles and yelled, and generally created a disturbance.
to create confusion
      When the accident blocked both exits, that created confusion for commuters.
to cross one's heart and hope to die
      "I promise I won't break it," yelled the little boy, grabbing the toy boat, "cross my heart and hope to die."
to crow about something
      He just won the thousands on the lottery, so now he really has something to crow about.
to cry in one's soup
      It's all doom and gloom with that family, they are always crying in their soup over something or other.
to cry over spilled milk
      It's too late to cry over spilled milk.

to cut a deal
      The two companies cut a deal and merged.
to cut to the chase
      He stopped further discussion, and cut to the chase, calling for a decision from the board.
to defend a decision
      She defended her decision to become a lawyer,saying she had wanted to bring justice in society.
to deliver on one's promise
      The company performed the service repair on the car for free. They really delivered on their promise.
to derive a list
      He took the directory and derived a list of prospective clients.
to deserve praise for a job well done
      Today, we are honouring our longest-serving volunteer, who certainly deserves praise for a job well done.
to distance oneself from
      The politician refused to be drawn into the discussion, distancing herself from the issue by claiming it was another minister's department.
to disturb the peace
      The police warned him about using the bullhorn to disturb the peace.
to do a favor
      "Do me a favor, please, and be quiet while I am on the phone," the mother told her little girl.
to do a snow job
      They believed him alright, he really did a snow job and conned them all. Wait until they find out he lied!


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