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Idioms, Slang, Phrasal Verbs, Colloquialisms, Cliches, and Proverbs, with Context Examples

by Sally Jennings

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over, and over again
      He covered the same material thoroughly, rewording it over and over again.
over the moon about
      Wow are they ever in love! She is just over the moon about him.
      Rather than use a prescription drug, the doctor recommended an over-the-counter drug, easily available at the pharmacy.
paid a pittance
      We think we got a good deal on that used bike. We bought it at a thrift shop and paid a pittance.
part and parcel of
      His story is part and parcel of the entire fraud. They cannot be separated.
peace of mind
      Only when she knew her daughter was taken care of did she have peace of mind.
poised to take action
      The entrepreneur is poised to take action if she sees an opening in the market.
prepared to offer
      Perhaps the buyers are prepared to offer a slightly higher price on the property.
pretty good
      You did just fine, kid. That was pretty good for a beginner.
pretty straightforward
      The terms of the deal seem to be clear. Everything looks pretty straightforward.

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prices plunge
      The company will lose too much money on current stock if prices plunge.
pros and cons
      The government is weighing its options before it decides. There are both benefits and drawbacks, pros and cons.
quiet reflection
      Facing a hectic afternoon, she paused for a moment of quiet reflection in the small courtyard garden.
rapt attention
      The toddler was watching the cartoon show with rapt attention, just fascinated.
ready.....at all times
      The troops were ready to face the enemy at all times.
ready for action
      The troops were armed and ready for action.
ready for business
      The water was mopped up, and the gutter unblocked. The store was ready for business again three hours after the rain storm.
ready to party
      Exams are over, and every student is ready to party.
reverse engineering
      A foreign company stole the patented design by taking apart the design through reverse engineering.
right now
      Come on, we have to leave right now!

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right this minute
      Come here, now, right this minute!
ripe for the kill
      He is sure that the market for his new product is ready, ripe for the kill
risk management
      The company plans very carefully, showing careful risk management to maximize profits and cut losses.
sales are down /up
      The housing market is soft right now. Sales are down.
sales decline
      Sales of that product declined last year for the first time following ten years of steady gain.
sales fall off
      It was a very hot market until recently, when sales fell off.
scout's honour
      I promise it will be delivered tomorrow. Scout's Honour!
severance pay
      When he was laid off, he made a special trip to the office to collect his severance pay [final pay].
share and share alike
      Here's the pizza, kids. Now nobody hogs it, okay? It will be share and share alike.
six of one, half a dozen of the other
      Both options are equal; six of one, half a dozen of the other.


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