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Sam the Cat Has Fun

by Sally Jennings

Sam is a cat,
about two years old.

Sam has short fur.

Sam is mostly black,
but he has white paws and white ears.

Sam also has a white nose,
and a white tip on his tail.

Because Sam's nose fur is white,
his nose is pink.

He is a very nice looking cat.

It is early one summer day,
and Sam sits on his front doorstep.

Sam is watching for something fun to do.

Sam watches for other cats to chase,
but no cats go by.

He watches for butterflies to chase,
but no butterflies go by.

He watches for a mouse to chase,
but no mice go by.

Sam sits and waits for something fun.

A car goes by on the road.

Sam knows cars can hurt cats,
so Sam sits still.

A mother goes by,
with a crying baby in her arms.

Sam doesn't like babies,
so Sam sits still.

A boy runs by,
pulling a small toy airplane on a string.

The airplane bumps on the sidewalk,
bumps on the step next to Sam,
and bumps on the grass.

The airplane looks like fun to Sam,
so Sam runs after the airplane.

Sam jumps up,
clapping his paws together
to try to catch the plane.
No luck.

Sam jumps forward,
just missing the end of the plane.
No luck.

The boy sees Sam playing with the plane,
so he runs in circles around Sam.

The boy watches Sam play,
and laughs.

Sam jumps up high,
and claws the end of the plane.

Sam twists and twirls,
chasing the plane.

Sam leaps and races,
running faster and faster.

Sam cannot catch the plane.

The boy laughs and laughs.

The boy laughs so hard,
he sits down on the grass.

Guess what?

When the boy sits down,
he stops pulling the string.

The plane lands on the grass.

Sam gets low in the grass
and creeps up near the plane.

Suddenly, Sam jumps on top of the plane.

He grabs it in his mouth,
and tosses it in the air.

He swats it with his front paws.
Thud! Thud!

He kicks it with his back paws.
Thud! Thud!

Finally, he lays down,
with the plane between his front paws,
and chews on the string.

The boy comes over and sits next to Sam.

He pets Sam on the back.

He scratches his ears.

Sam licks his hand.

Sam rolls over on his back,
and begs for the boy to pet his stomach.

Sam smiles at the boy,
and the boy smiles back.

Sam purrs.

It is still early in the morning,
but Sam is already having a very fun day.

Copyright 2005-2021 Sally Jennings, speak-read-write.com

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