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A Happy Family Birthday

by Sally Jennings

Once there was a husband and a wife
who were wishing for children.

One day their wishes came true,
and their first child, a baby girl,
was born.

They loved her dearly
and named her Louise.

The next year they had another baby,
and named her Janessa.

Before three more years passed,
they had three more daughters,
and named them Kathleen, Lori, and Lisa.

Their birthdays were all in January,
but on different days.

When Lisa had her first birthday,
their mother, who was named Julie,
baked five birthday cakes
and planned five birthday parties that January.

By the end of January
she was very tired of birthday parties.
But they held the birthday parties every
year for the next four years anyway.

Her husband, who was named Roger,
had to help with the five birthday parties every year.

Although he loved his children dearly,
he too was very tired of birthday parties
and children by the end of January every year.

So the next January,
after five years of
five January birthday parties,
when the girls were to be
ages six, seven, eight, nine, and ten,
Julie and Roger decided
to have one birthday party
with one birthday cake
for all their daughters.

Each of their daughters was allowed
to invite five of her friends
to the big birthday party.

Can you count how many children would be at the big party?
Well, there would be five birthday girls,
each with five friends there.
Six times five is 30 children at the party.
It would be a loud, noisy, fun party.

Julie hoped she could bake
just one big cake for the five girls,
but they each wanted a different kind of cake,
and a different color icing.
Of course they did, wouldn't you?

Julie asked her oldest daughter, Louise,
who would be ten years old,
and loved candy,
what kind of cake and icing she wanted.
Louise said "Chocolate cake, red icing!"

She asked her second daughter, Janessa,
who would be nine years old,
and loved carrots,
what kind of cake and icing she wanted.
Janessa said "Carrot cake, orange icing!"

She asked her third daughter, Kathleen,
who would be eight years old,
and was very careful about keeping things clean,
what kind of cake and icing she wanted.
Kathleen said "White cake, yellow icing!"

She asked her fourth daughter, Lori,
who would be seven years old,
and was an expert about jungles,
what kind of cake and icing she wanted.
Lori said "Banana cake, green icing!"

Last, she asked her youngest daughter, Lisa,
who would be six years old,
what kind of cake and icing she wanted.
Lisa took her time answering.
She was always last,
and determined to be different about everything.
"It looks like everybody else got the good kinds,
she complained. I know, I know," she shouted,
"what about peanut butter cake and purple icing!"

Julie just sighed. She still had to make five cakes,
and five different colors of icing.
"Okay," she said, "I'll bake five cakes,
but I'm making one big cake out of all of them,
because we are one big happy family."

So Julie made five cakes
and iced them as one big cake.
Can you guess what Julie did with the icing?
She made a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, purple,
oops! she still needed blue,
so she put on blue candy sprinkles,
and blue birthday candles.
I'll bet you could draw a picture of that cake, couldn't you?

Can you add up how many birthday candles Julie needed?
Well, she needed 10 for Louise,
9 for Janessa,
8 for Kathleen,
7 for Lori
and 6 for Lisa.

So Julie bought four packages of ten candles each,
and had just enough candles without any left over.
That's a total of 40 blue birthday candles.

At the party, after all the fun, games, and presents,
everybody sat down at the table where the cake was.
Each birthday girl sat in front of her color icing,
Louise red,
Janessa orange,
Kathleen yellow,
Lori green,
and Lisa purple.
Their dad lit the blue birthday candles.

Then their mom and dad and all their friends sang Happy Birthday,
while Louise blew out ten candles. Puff!
Janessa blew out nine candles. Poof!
Kathleen blew out eight candles Whuff!
Lori blew out seven candles Whoof!
And Lisa, who was last,
and always wanted to be different,
blew out six candles Kawhifferchiffer!

Then all their friends
and their mother and father,
and each of the girls themselves
held up their fingers for the birthday numbers,
and shouted
(What? I'll bet you could do this part, couldn't you?)
"Happy birthday Louise, TEN!
Happy birthday Janessa, NINE!
Happy birthday Kathleen, EIGHT!
Happy birthday Lori, SEVEN!
And happy birthday Lisa, SIX!"

Then they ate the birthday cake,
and every kind of cake and icing was very, very delicious.

Copyright 2007-2021 Sally Jennings, speak-read-write.com

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