Baby Card Poems, Verses, and Sayings

by Sally Jennings

A new baby has just arrived in your world? Or perhaps twins, or triplets, or more? Congratulations are in order. We hope you find an inspiring verse or thought from the verses below to welcome this precious new baby. Whether you copy a snippet, a whole verse, or use these to write your own baby congratulations, or read them at a baby shower, is up to you. A new baby is a delightful arrival!

Original baby verses, poems and sayings for you to use on blank cards, in letters and notes, in scrapbooks and albums, or at baby showers. Please respect my copyright and do not use these commercially, or republish them on the web. Thanks!

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Welcome, new little one
Kissing and giggling
Burping and wiggling
Splashing and cooing
Lots of goo-gooing
Stroking and cuddling
Rock-a-bye snuggling
Sung softly to sleep
   Oh baby
   Oh baby so sweet!
Blessings on you all!


What's this about...
   a baby???


So very, very cool
Totally, totally

We're so very thrilled
Your new little one
Has arrived safe
   and sound
In your arms
In your lives
In your hearts



Pink dresses in the wash,
Pink sheet on the crib,
Pink bows on the teddy,
Pink flowers on the bib,
Pink booties and blankets,
Pink hats and pink socks
She's colored your happiness,
Pink really rocks!

Congratulations to you and your little Princess.
We're just tickled pink!



Bet he's already someone really special
And someday he'll grow up to be the
Best young man you ever imagined
Yearning to fulfill his own dreams

But always turning once again to you, yes
Once again to you,
Yes, you, for advice and love.

Welcome to the journey of parenthood, loving him
One step at a time ahead, and
Welcome little baby boy, to the world.


Twins (you can modify this for Triplets using "three" and "triple happiness")

Two to cuddle, two to hold,
two to treasure, good as gold.

Two to watch, what a game,
now what's different, what's the same.

Two in diapers, two in bibs,
two in sleepers, tucked in cribs.

Two to lullaby not one peep,
two now hush, fall fast asleep.

Congratulations on your double happiness!


Soft and warm
Bundled up so neat
Teeny fingers
Wee little feet
Hope you enjoy
Your new little one
Oh so very sweet!


Copyright 2005-2017 Sally Jennings