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Idiom Ebook  700 Expressions context examples of cliches, slang, phrasal verbs and proverbs. (23 web pages of idioms)  Listen, read, and practice (the first 300 idioms) with mp3 audio

100 More Idioms  cliches, slang, phrasal verbs and proverbs

Children's Readers and Read-to-me Stories

Elementary Readers

Sam the Cat Has Fun  A reader about a boy, a playful kitten and an airplane.

The Princess of Merrylandia  A reader about a princess who wanted a different name.

A Happy Family Birthday  A reader about a family with too many birthday cakes!

The Bad Hair Day Contest  A reader about winning and losing.

A Read-to-me Story for Children

The Polkadot Town Festival and Parade  Polkadots are everywhere, and so are honey stars, and funny names.

Grammar, Reading Practice, Listening Practice, Writing Skills and Learning Strategies

Basic English Sentence Structure  The simple structure of basic English.

Verb Tense - Regular Verb Forms  Short story using examples of a regular verb, 'to walk' with a list of tenses and explanation of forms.

The Grammar of Coordinating Structures and Parallel Construction  Rules of coordinating word, phrase, and clause structure explained with examples of noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and preposition structures.

How to Boost Your English Skills  15 techniques to better English.

Verb Forms for Regular Verbs and Common Irregular Verbs  The verbs to be, to do, to go, to have.

Verb Forms for Irregular Verbs  Verb pattern a, a, a - the bare stem, simple past tense, and past participle are the same forms. For example, cost and cut.

Verb Forms for Irregular Verbs  Verb pattern a, b, b - the bare stem is a different form from the simple past tense and past participle. For example, buy, bought, bought and say, said, said.

Verb Forms for Irregular Verbs  Verbs with the bare stem and/or the simple past tense are different in form from the past participle. For example, become, became, become and sink, sank, sunk.

Spatial Prepositions and Adverbs  Explanations of the 40 basic prepositions and adverbs of English, based on a graphic diagram, with synonyms. For example, above, in between, over, underneath.

Articles Explaining English Usage - sample essays, short essays

I Want to Buy A Car - Talking Cars  Vocabulary and expressions for buying a car.

I Am Sorry, I Cannot - Saying 'No' with a Smile  Vocabulary and expressions for refusing politely.

A Job Well Done Deserves Some Praise  Vocabulary and expressions for saying thank you.

I need to Write an Ad - Advertising Lingo  Vocabulary and expressions for the retail and hospitality industry.

I Apologize, Please Forgive Me, I Should Have Known Better  Vocabulary and expressions for apologizing.

I Want to Tell a Story Using Past Tense - Tick, Tock, Clock  Vocabulary, expressions, and time words for telling a story and talking about the past.

I Am So Sorry for Your Loss, You Have My Deepest Sympathy  Vocabulary and expressions for responding to loss and expressing grief. with mp3 audio

Tips for Writing an Obituary  Writing the public announcement of a person's death.

Articles Building Science and Technical Vocabulary - sample essays, short essays

The Scientific Method  Understanding the steps of the Scientific Method.

Business Practice and the Scientific Method  ISO 9001 and the PDCA cycle based on the scientific method.

The Cell Phone and Pure Research  Four strands of pure research that led to the development of the cell phone.

Learn Grammar with Short Stories (Intermediate English)

A Night Out  phrasal verbs and prepositions with "out". with mp3 audio

Up to Something  phrasal verbs and prepositions with "up". with mp3 audio

It's Sleepytime, Nighty Night, Sis  examples of the forms of verbs in past, present, and future, with names and parts used to form the tenses. with mp3 audio

Essay Writing Skills

I Want to Pass the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) Essay  What to study and how to study to improve your essay writing enough to hopefully! get a five mark on the LPI essay.

Establishing Focus in Sentences and Paragraphs  How to write good paragraphs.

Writing Zip, Zip, Paragraph Transitions  How to join paragraphs together smoothly.

Help! My Writing Needs Oomph!  Using the right kind of word for emphasis.

Grammar Errors Worksheet One  Correct these sentences - intermediate to advanced English.

Grammar Errors Worksheet Two  Correct these sentences - beginning to intermediate English.

Grammar Errors Worksheet Three  Choose the correct sentence in each pair - intermediate to advanced English.

Grammar Errors Worksheet - Coordination and Parallel Structures  Printable grammar errors worksheet of word-level, phrase-level, and clause-level coordination and parallel construction. Answer sheet.

Interactive Vocabulary Quizzes

Synonyms One  Build your vocabulary. Academic English.

Synonyms Two  Check if you know which words match. Academic English.

Synonyms Three  Can you find the words closest in meaning? Academic English.

Synonyms Four  More practice with words with similar meanings. Academic English.

Pronunciation Practice

Minimal Pairs Words which differ in one vowel sound or one consonant sound. with mp3 audio

Minimal Pairs Two Initial blends in open syllables.

Pronunciation Exercise - Tongue Twisters Fun, but difficult to pronounce fast.

Fun With Fiddle Faddle and Other Pronunciation Pairs Sets of two or three words which go together, and are fun to pronounce.

Writing Practice Printable Worksheets

Story Opening One - a girl finds a surprise in the woods  Read the story opening and the questions, then finish writing the story.

Story Opening Two - a girl babysitting her brother  Read the story opening and the questions, then finish writing the story.

It's Sale Time  Vocabulary for Shopping. Answer sheet.

Fill in the Blank Worksheet - Mandy and Twinkle Toes  Printable short story about a girl and her cat. Fill in the blanks with prepositions and articles from a list. Answer sheet.

Fill in the Blank Worksheet - Max the Dog  Printable short story in simple sentences about a boy and his dog. Choose prepositions and phrasal verbs provided to fill in the blanks. Answer sheet.

Fill in the Blank Worksheet - The Carrot Seeds  Printable short story about planting a garden. Practice for conversational English, verbs, prepositions, the possessive. Answer sheet.

Fill in the Blank Noun Worksheet One  Printable worksheet of simple sentences for practice using nouns. Answer sheet.

Fill in the Blank Verb Worksheet One  Printable worksheet of simple sentences for practice using verbs. Answer sheet.

Fill in the Blank Preposition Worksheet One  Printable worksheet of simple sentences for practice using prepositions. Answer sheet.

Fill in the Blank Adjective Worksheet One  Printable worksheet of simple sentences for practice using adjectives. Answer sheet.

Canadian Culture

Truly Canadian Made  The Visual Art, Artists, and Artisans of Canada

Vocabulary Quizzes

What's Cooking?  Answer the questions about cooking vocabulary.

Matching 20 Phrasal Verbs  Informal vocabulary and the standard English synonym.

Matching Food Pairs  Burger and fries, macaroni and what? Match up the words from two lists.

Advanced Vocabulary One  Words at the same level as a college entrance exam.

Advanced Vocabulary Two  Words at the same level as a college entrance exam.

Word Lists

"Help! I Am Out of Words!" Quickie Vocabulary Word List  Adjectives (the words "weak," "strong," and others).

Tsunami Vocabulary  News article vocabulary about a tsunami.

Earthquake Vocabulary  News article vocabulary about an earthquake.

Baby Name Lists

For expecting parents, and for adults or older children who immigrate to an English-speaking country and want a name people there can pronounce and spell.

Baby Names for Boys A-I

Baby Names for Boys J-R

Baby Names for Boys S-Z

Baby Names for Girls A-D

Baby Names for Girls E-J

Baby Names for Girls K-Z

Humorous Short Stories for Readers with Advanced English

Payday  Payday by payday, it all adds up to Payday.

The Free Kokanee  Is this the fish that got away?

A Nose for A Good Story  Make do with what you have, one storyteller's motivation.

Heart's Song  A touch of prophecy.

Looks Doggone Good, It Does  How little things cause major change.

Three Foolish Monks  The dangers of ego, isolation, and independence.

And Your People Shall Be My People  A wedding on the growing edge.

Madam Adam's Sphere of Influence  A little shove into the future.

Original Greeting Card Verses and Sayings for Special Occasions

Greeting Card Home Page  greeting card poems, verses, and sayings for cards, notes, emails, scrapbooks, and speeches, or to tweet or chat.

Adoption (of Baby or Child)


Welcome Baby

More Welcome Baby

Bon Voyage on Your Trip

Boomer Birthday

Christmas, Happy Holidays

Employee Appreciation and Recognition

Father's Day

Get Well



Happy Fall

Humorous Birthday

Job Loss, Unemployment, Layoff

Mother's Day

New Home


Sister Birthday

Off to Summer Camp


Tooth Fairy

Thank You Senior Caregiver




Welcome Winter


Links with descriptions of these are on our Games and Puzzles Home Page Each puzzle has its own solution page, linked from the puzzle page. All are fully printable.

Word Search Puzzles

Academic, Technical

Physics, Science and Math Words

Computer Tech Words

Computer Programming Tech Words

Cell Phone, Mobile Phone Tech Words

Stock Market

Stock Trading

Wall Street

Latin- and Greek-based Intermediate Vocabulary One

Latin- and Greek-based Intermediate Vocabulary Two

Latin- and Greek-based Advanced Vocabulary One

Latin- and Greek-based Advanced Vocabulary Two

Latin- and Greek-based Advanced Vocabulary Three

Social, Foods, Cooking


Thank You

Autumn Harvest Holiday Dinner

Cooking and Kitchen Vocabulary


Cooking, Easy Verbs

Cooking, Advanced Verbs

Cook Italian Recipe Ingredients

Basic Bread Recipe Ingredients

Savory Bread Recipe Ingredients

Sweet Bread Recipe Ingredients

Dessert Pies

Set the Table, Dining Tableware, Cutlery, Utensils, Place Setting

Children and Holidays

Visit the Fairy Tale Princesses

Wild Animals of the World

Christmas Delights

Winter Wonderland

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Travel, Culture

Old West Cowboys


U.S. States and Washington, D.C.

US 50 States

Full size puzzle and mini-size puzzle of each state and Washington, D.C..

Alabama    Alabama Mini-Puzzle

Alaska    Alaska Mini-Puzzle

Arizona    Arizona Mini-Puzzle

Arkansas    Arkansas Mini-Puzzle

California    California Mini-Puzzle

Colorado    Colorado Mini-Puzzle

Connecticut    Connecticut Mini-Puzzle

Delaware    Delaware Mini-Puzzle

Florida    Florida Mini-Puzzle

Georgia    Georgia Mini-Puzzle

Hawaii    Hawaii Mini-Puzzle

Idaho    Idaho Mini-Puzzle

Illinois    Illinois Mini-Puzzle

Indiana    Indiana Mini-Puzzle

Iowa    Iowa Mini-Puzzle

Kansas    Kansas Mini-Puzzle

Kentucky    Kentucky Mini-Puzzle

Louisiana    Louisiana Mini-Puzzle

Maine    Maine Mini-Puzzle

Maryland    Maryland Mini-Puzzle

Massachusetts    Massachusetts Mini-Puzzle

Michigan    Michigan Mini-Puzzle

Minnesota    Minnesota Mini-Puzzle

Mississippi    Mississippi Mini-Puzzle

Missouri    Missouri Mini-Puzzle

Montana    Montana Mini-Puzzle

Nebraska    Nebraska Mini-Puzzle

Nevada    Nevada Mini-Puzzle

New Hampshire    New Hampshire Mini-Puzzle

New Jersey    New Jersey Mini-Puzzle

New Mexico    New Mexico Mini-Puzzle

New York    New York Mini-Puzzle

North Carolina    North Carolina Mini-Puzzle

North Dakota    North Dakota Mini-Puzzle

Ohio    Ohio Mini-Puzzle

Oklahoma    Oklahoma Mini-Puzzle

Oregon    Oregon Mini-Puzzle

Pennsylvania    Pennsylvania Mini-Puzzle

Rhode Island    Rhode Island Mini-Puzzle

South Carolina    South Carolina Mini-Puzzle

South Dakota    South Dakota Mini-Puzzle

Tennessee    Tennessee Mini-Puzzle

Texas    Texas Mini-Puzzle

Utah    Utah Mini-Puzzle

Vermont    Vermont Mini-Puzzle

Virginia    Virginia Mini-Puzzle

Washington    Washington Mini-Puzzle

West Virginia    West Virginia Mini-Puzzle

Wisconsin    Wisconsin Mini-Puzzle

Wyoming    Wyoming Mini-Puzzle

Washington, D.C.    Washington, D.C. Mini-Puzzle

Word Search Mini Puzzles

Up to a 12 by 12 size letter grid, 20 words each, larger, darker letters.

Easy Words Ending -ad, -at, -am, -an

Old West Cowboy Life

Old West Cowboy Life - People and Animals

Old West Cowboy Life - Action Words (Verbs)

Cross Out Word Puzzles

Nouns, Verbs, and Canadian Geography

Foods and Cooking

Taking A Trip

It's Christmas Time

How Big? How Heavy?

Shades of Color

Moods, Feelings, Looks

Cross Out Word Puzzle, Paragraph Style

To Keep It Secret

Word Change Puzzles

A Famous Canadian

Smoked Delicacy


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