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This is an article to build social skills vocabulary for saying thank you.

A Job Well Done Deserves Some Praise

by Sally Jennings

Pay a compliment and make someone's day wonderful

The senior citizen bent over the little girl and said, "Your socks are so cute. I'll bet they are really fun to wear, aren't they?" The little girl looked up just beaming.

As the couple looked over the carpenter's work on their front steps, one of them said, "You did such a good job fixing this, we are really impressed." "Thank you," the carpenter answered. "It's nice to work for people who recognize quality."

One department Manager said to another, "Have you noticed that our new Office Assistant is very accomplished creating spreadsheets on the computer?" "Yes," the other Manager said, "I will remember to request her services when we do our next joint project."

If you want to make someone's day, if you want to say thank you for a job well done, if you want to recommend the services of one person to another, then it is time to pay a compliment.

Sometimes, one word will be sufficient, if both people involved know what is being remarked on. You can say "excellent," "wonderful," "awesome," "super," or "tremendous." For a task performed well, appropriate short compliments may be "good job," "well done," "looking good," "so cool," or "smashing success."

When a close friend is dressed particularly well, he or she may appreciate hearing you say "You look wonderful in that outfit," or "You are a real knock-out in that," or "That looks so good on you!" If someone has done much more than expected, you can say, "You didn't have to do that, how thoughtful," or "You really put yourself out, didn't you," or "All that extra effort for us? Thank you so much!"

When you receive especially good service from a business, a written thank you note might be in order. It could be just a simple note from you, the customer, to the Business Manager. "We really appreciate what (employee's name) did for us," could be followed by a short description of the employee's thoughtful actions. You might finish with, "(employee's name) is a real asset to your business." This would be particularly appropriate to thank a young employee who is just starting out. Thank you notes might also include "we are so grateful," or "we are so pleased," or "we didn't expect this, it's a treat."

The wonderful thing about gratitude is that it multiplies. So the next time you say "Wow, thanks for the royal treatment; you made my day," maybe you will hear, "and you just made mine, too!"

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